Diary of the fleshsculptor.
The Battle at the Valley of Mars
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Outside of the truck the town looked like a scene out of an old b-class horror flick. The streets were littered with mangled, half eaten corpses and stalled cars. Animated grotesqueries wove thier way in and out of the detritus clogging the street looking for freshly killed or appitizingly alive morsels of food. At one corner six of the beasts were huddled around the struggling form of a small girl snapping and growling at one another like a pack of ravenous dogs. Even as the trio watched two of the feasting zombies paused to chase one of the smaller beasts off all three losing thier place at the gruesome buffet.

"oh my God they're eating that little girl!" andrea cried in revulsion,"m...mister, you have guns. can't we do something?"
The deathstalker slowed the truck and rolled his window down as he pulled a compact machine pistol out of the glove compartment and took aim. Three rounds punctured the girl's tiny scull splashing the contents about like a demonstration for sledge-o-matic and startling the feasting hoard into hiding temporarily.
"why the fuck did you do that!" Andrea screamed "You sick sick monster! I said help her not shoot her you filthy murderer."

"look, that girl was beyond help already." Drake explained patiently "I merely saved her the torture of being eaten alive. Hell, by the looks of it I only saved her about five miniutes anyway."
"I suppose." Andrea conceded reluctantly.
The companions traveled the rest of the way to the church where Drake had taken the other survivors in silence.

Look for the next installment in august