Diary of the fleshsculptor.
The Battle at the Valley of Mars
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Andrea Steiner slumped back in the back seat of the mammoth suv as it cruised down the road. Her mind reeled as the events of the past few miniutes replayed themselves on the back of her forhead as if in an attempt to impress upon her the reality of the situation.

She was in the kitchen trying to work a little bit of culinary magic when Bill stormed in and flew past her without saying so much as a word. He planted himself on the sofa to stare at the blank television screen and brood.
She came in planning on an attempt to soothe him knowing how dark his moods could get, building like an ominous thunderhead until it reached a critical mass to unleash it's fury on the helpless prairie below, but soon gave up seeing it as a lost cause and resigning herself to the brutal night to come.

Somone began pounding on the door the sound throbbing throughout the walls irregularly like a dying heart.Bill rose to answer it angrily. he swung the door open sending three ghastly figures sprawling back onto the lawn. He couldn't believe his eyes! the entire yard was crawling with an assortment of shambling horrors in varying states of decay. One of the beasts lunged at him from the side which Bill dodged easily. He slammed the heavy oaken slab home catching one of the things thrashing limbs and severing it with a wet chrunch.the disembodied hand sprang to its fingertips and shot towards bills foot, middle finger extended as if sniffing him out like a hound. With a grunt of disgust he stomped down on it feeling the brittle, half rotted bones grinding together and snapping like dry twigs through the thin soles of his loafers.

With a crash the picture window to the left of the door shattered as a grotesquely decayed intruder flopped itself through the gaping hole. It was impaled on a wicked shard of glass protruding from the sill, greasing the wall and floor beneath the window with a viscous film of embalming fluids and putrifaction. The creep hissed its rage as it struggled to free itself from the glass pike piercing its belly at which point the smell hit Bill full force snapping him out of his motoinless reverie. He darted down the hall leaving the forgotten hand to squirm impotently where it lay. He grabbed his wife, who had begun screaming incoherently and fluttering around in mad little circles of indecision, and shoved her into the bedroom ahead of him.
"Get it together you fallapart cunt!" Bill roared "Help me get this dresser over in front of the door."
suppressing the frenzied panic rising up her spine Andrea turned to her husband and gave him a hand.

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