Diary of the fleshsculptor.
The Battle at the Valley of Mars
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The leutenant lay on his belly gripping his sword in rage as the witheringg barrage continued over head decimating his men. His fury boiled over as he watched helplessly, fuming to himself.'how dare these commoners attack his majesties army in so cowardly a manner instead of meeting on the field of battle like real men!
As the attack eased up he sprang to his feet, roaring obcenities, and unsheathing his sword. The great blade swooped in a deadly arc severing his nearest foe's head as cleanly as a guilliotineand he followed the momentum around to thrust the sword into a man's stomach, sinking the weapon into the soft innards up to the hilt. Kicking the dying man off of his blade the leutenant advanced slashing through the abdomen of an unprepared adversary loosing his entrails onto the ground in great looping coils.

The soldier trudged through the thickening mud of blood and dust and thought about how his men had been so severely decimated. The ambush party had went for the officers first using the suprise and resulting lack of cohesion to the greatest advantage. He had to give them a grudging smile, for even though the Ariean townfolk would be defeated thier goal had been reached. The feared and hated Thousand man army had been reduced to a mere hundred ten.

The genreal had lost fourteen men so far but considered it an acceptable loss as he put out the call for a fighting retreat. The men emptied thier pouches as they ran mowing down yet more imperials to ease the once they reached the backup party but by the time they had reached thier friends only nine men remained. They surrendered dejectedly rather than fight nearly two hundred men such as these who had defeated the world's most powerful army with ten percent of it's numbers.