Diary of the fleshsculptor.
The Battle at the Valley of Mars
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Diary of the fleshsculptor.

SHocking Insights into Terror

Road rage, crimes of passion, schitzophrenic mass murder, serial rape, the list of pedestrian violence goes on ad nauseum. The prufoundly mundane existence of the average criminal is mind numbing! I look on these pedantic ametures with the same kind of pity that most bleeding heart socialists feel towards panhandlers.

I, on the other hand, am a true artist in the violent diciplines of rape, torture, and murder. With a few simple brushstrokes I paint vast engramic sores across the public psyche, shifting opinions ever so slowly untill, generations hence the crimes have been for gotten but the messages have been implanted deeply in every man woman and child becoming an integral part of the social consiousness. I denegrate these sheep to fufill mankinds belief in evil. It's a humanitarian gesture. Everyone needs something to hate and fear. I fufill that need.

In this age of caring and compassion, when even the victims of heinous and vile crimes make excuses for thier attackers, I engender universal shock and horror with each piece of work I produce replacing the facade of shocked indignance with the emotions of revulsion and abhorrence. I AM THE FLESHSCULPTOR.

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