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You are now entering the mind of a filthy creep. Look upon the contents of my mind and quiver! I am creating this site to showcase my writing talent (hah!) and hopefully get recognized so I that I can take up writing and quit Working
for a living.

You might notice that I write on a wide variety of topics though I love action/adventure and poetry. With some of these stories I intend to shock and offend, some are merely meant to entertain, while others are written to be thought provoking, there's too little thinking going on anymore so hopefully I will provoke you to think, it doesn't really matter to me what you think as long as you think something.

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Please, enter my sordid little mind and dig around... If you like what you find, tell a friend, who knows, one of these days I might even be able to charge you to read my nightmares and rants.