Diary of the fleshsculptor.
The Battle at the Valley of Mars
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A shocking glimpse into one mans hero complex and recurrant nightmares.VERY GRAPHIC!

"Are they still coming?" Andrea gasped in exertion as she and her husband shoved the ancient chest of drawers in front of thier bedroom door trying not to tip the towering cabinet.
Bill scowled, but as he turned to spit his venomous reply
(Christ! had she always been this fucking stupid?) several gunshots thundered outside from thier backyard stopping him dead.
"Oh shit! They've gut guns. We're screwed!" Bill moaned in defeat.

A figure appeared in the sliding glass door oposite thier bed weilding a large bore double barrel shotgun which the shape swung butt first at the triple paned glass barrier. The door exploded inward peppering the room with jagged murderous projectiles. The dark stranger stood at the threshhold of his newly created portal.
"C'mon I can't hold these things off for long." the man said in an intense voice. Turning on his heel their dark saviour vanished back into the night leaving the shocked couple to exchange disbelieving looks and scurry after thier shotgun toting messiah.

Drake Roland holstered his big scattergun in the leather sheath strapped to his back after reloading. He drew the sword on his hip and swung it in a vicious arc, opening a wicked slash in a beast which had blocked his path, loosing a flood of liquified putrecense and knocking the creep to the ground. The deathstalker crushed the creatures head under his bootheel leaving it to flop and writhe scattering gray matter and bone fragments in the spreading pool of its entrails. He turned to hurry the straggling couple into the goliath black suburbanand brought the shotgun to bear. firing a volly into an aproaching mob of rancid blasphemies Drake smiled in satisfaction as he watched the them crumple under the withering hellstorm issued from his thundering tool. He jumped in behind the steering wheel and raced out onto the highway leading out to the eastern edge of town.

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